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Найти все наши в аренду. Мы предлагаем до 2003 года аренда на французской Ривьере, Монако, Сен-Тропе, Ницца, Париж, Барселона, Милан ... на работу

In 1963, a car manufacturer was founded with the only objective of outperforming the finest and most illustrious automobiles being built at the time. During the years that followed, the popularity of the automobile’s creators quickly escalated. In 1967, only four years after its foundation, it proved that its automobiles were capable of dethroning the competition by producing the fastest car that the world had ever seen. The tractor manufacturer who later began producing these distinguished luxury cars in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, was named Ferruccio Lamborghini. After producing their first vehicle, Automobili Lamborghini became world renowned for the exclusivity of its automobiles and the prestige and attention that comes with owning one. The rarity of these cars adds to their charm. As few as 2,121 vehicles were produced and sold last year. The success of Lamborghini transformed the world of automobiles and demonstrated that the influential engine and rear-wheel layout of their cars could deliver better performance than any other. Europe, where most of the Lamborghinis are found, is reputed for having superb roads and is ideal for driving and renting Lamborghinis. To satisfy the urge to drive fast automobiles of splendid appearance, Lamborghini rentals are available with JUST4VIP who have a total of eight models of Lamborghini to choose from. Among these are the Gallardo, the Aventador, and other models the automobile manufacturer is well-known for. Since its historical beginnings, Lamborghini has produced twenty-one different models of cars, but the new models achieve a perfection that awes children, automobile lovers, and engineers of the industry alike. For these imposing vehicles, striking at first-sight, astonishment and enthusiasm is shared everywhere they go. JUST4VIP also shares this enthusiasm for Lamborghinis and with locations all around Europe, renting is easy and accessible. Lamborghini rentals are for periods ranging from one to seven days and can offer you the driving experience, luxury, and status Lamborghini’s prodigious machinery represents.

rent Lamborghini-Aventado-SVJ-Roadster

Цена от 2553 €

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770 Hp Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Lamborghini-Huracan-Evo-Spyder

Цена от 1400 €

JUST4VIP invites you to discover this Lamborghini of 640 horses hair i...
640 Hp HP - F1 gearbox

rent Lamborghini-Huracan-Evo

Цена от 1400 €

You want to try the Lamborghini Evo, nothing could be simpler, rent it...
640 Hp Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Lamborghini-Urus

Цена от 1300 €

JUST4VIP always proposes you the novelties and the one for a novelty, ...
600 Cv - F1 gearbox
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