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Найти все наши Ferrari в аренду. Мы предлагаем до 2003 года аренда Ferrari на французской Ривьере, Монако, Сен-Тропе, Ницца, Париж, Барселона, Милан ... Ferrari на работу

Racing cars fascinate many men and women. Some Italian luxury sports cars such as Ferrari are difficult to acquire. They require more expensive budget for routine maintenance and insurance. That is why "just4vip" offers this beautiful jewel « rental packages » for a days, a weeks, a months ... A quick tour of Ferrari: between modernity and tradition automobile The Ferrari empire was founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari. This former pilot wished to gratify the automotive industry a model of exception. His first model was the Ferrari 166 MM / Sport (38 copies) with almost 140 horsepower and a top speed of 220 km / h. Since its inception, Ferrari keeps tradition and modernity with engines more powerful and sophisticated technology. In 2014, Ferrari introduced an updated version of the California, the California T. environmentally conscious brand even working on a limitation of CO2 emissions with hybrid prototypes as the 599 Hybrid. This type of motor vehicle weighting, redraws the Ferrari automobile line with eg exhaust side ribs and non-overlapping. How to rent a Ferrari to "JUST4VIP" company The fleet of the company will satisfy the most regarding customers throughout Europe. It is obvious that every Ferrari is carefully maintained. You will test different models like the Ferrari FF, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the latest Ferrari California T. ... To select your car, just check datasheets on line just4vip.com website. For example, Ferrari 458 Italia Spider costs 1,680 euros per day (low season). It is characterized by high use of aluminum, a V8 engine increased to 4.5 liters and innovations from Formula 1. Renters remain at your disposal to provide further information! It is time to get drunk by the melody of the Ferrari on the road with a single rental.

rent Ferrari-812-Superfast

Цена от 2966 €

The 812 is simply a GT that we could not imagine existed just a few ye...
800 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-458-speciale

Цена от 2553 €

Ferrari drew on his experience of the competition to make this a very ...
605 HP - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-458-Aperta

Цена от 2553 €

Rent a Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta JUST 4 VIP tasks will drive the sup...
605 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-GTC4Lusso

Цена от 2553 €

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso was released in 2016 by the Italian manufacturer...
690Cv Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-FF

Цена от 2166 €

The Ferrari FF (FF meaning "Ferrari Four", for four seats and four-whe...
651 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-F12-Berlinetta

Цена от 2166 €

The Ferrari F12berlinetta (also unofficially referred to as the F12 Be...
740 HP - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-488-gtb-spider

Цена от 1400 €

Not surprisingly, the Ferrari 488 now comes in 488 Spider using the sa...
670 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-488-GTB

Цена от 1400 €

Ferrari buries his aspirated V8! Definitely. A chapter turns, overeati...
670 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-Portofino

Цена от 1400 €

Find the replacement for the Ferrari California T at JUST4VIP. Come re...
600 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-california-T

Цена от 1333 €

Ferrari release the new Ferrari California T during the Geneva Motor S...
560 HP - Auto 7 speed F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-California

Цена от 1300 €

The California will be built in a new production line adjacent to the ...
390 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-458-Italia

Цена от 1300 €

The body was designed by Pininfarina, as with all recent Ferrari model...
570cv Cv - Automatic gearbox

rent Ferrari-458-Spyder

Цена от 1300 €

Ferrari unveiled the 458 Spider at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. This...
570 Cv - F1 gearbox

rent Ferrari-Scuderia

Цена от 1000 €

Serving as the successor to the Challenge Stradale, the 430 Scuderia (...
510cv HP - F1 gearbox
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