аренда Rolls Royce Phantom Droph à Verona - Italy


  • 24 часа / 250 km : Цена от 3780 €
  • 3 дней / 750 km : Цена от 8680 €
  • неделя / 1750 km : Цена от 17780 €

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The exterior remains faithful to the marine-nautical theme of the 100EX. The two-door four-seat convertible features rearward opening coach doors and a two-tone colour scheme that delineates between the upper and lower bodywork and frames the teak wood panelling of the convertible's tonneau cover. Unlike the 2004 concept car, however, the production unit eschews the EX's aluminium bonnet in favour of more easily maintained stainless steel. The front fascia takes its cues from the 100EX but with the crucial difference of the middle bodywork/raised bonnet/grille assemblage terminating midway down the face rather than continuing downwards and bisecting the front bumper. The headlamps are also taken straight out of the 100EX/101EX concept and are similar to the Phantom's. The deep set rectangular high beams are light-emitting diode (LED) units while the round "faux-foglamp" driving lights are projector-style xenon arc lamps. The exterior is available in more than 44,000 colour combinations.

Прокат состояние

  • Страхование франшиза : 100000 €
  • Дополнительное страхование (за день): 250 €
  • Франчайзинг снижается страхование : 25000 €
  • дополнительная миля : 9 €
  • Минимальный возраст: 25 ans

The precise details of Verona's early history remain a mystery. The origin of the name Verona is also unknown. One theory is it was a city of the Euganei, who were obliged to give it up to the Cenomani (550 BC). With the conquest of the Vaecame Roman (about 300 BC) Verona became a Roman colonia in 89 BC, and then a municipium in 49 BC; Verona had the franchise in 59. The city became important because it was at the intersection of several roads. Stilicho defeated Alaric and his Visigoths here in 403. But, after Verona was conquered by the Ostrogoths in 489, the Gothic domination of Italy began. Theodoric the Great was said to have built a palace there, and according to Irish legends that is what Verona was named after. It remained under the power of the Goths throughout the Gothic War (535–552), except for a single day in 541, when the Byzantine officer Artabazes made an entrance. The defections that took place among the Byzantine generals with regard to the booty made it possible for the Goths to regain possession of the city. In 552 Valerian vainly endeavored to enter it, but only when they were fully overthrown, the Goths surrendered it. météo Verona

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Двигатель и коробка передач

  • Мощность : 453 Cv
  • термопара : 720 a 1000
  • объем двигателя : 6749 cm3
  • Передача : Automatic


  • Максимальная скорость : 240 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 6 s

Цена и Разное

  • Цена : 500000 euros
  • Цвет салона : beige
  • цвет кузова: blue
  • Количество мест: 2+2
  • строитель : www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com

ЗВОНИТЕ США AT : +336 20 33 78 75 КОНТАКТЫ об этом автомобиле

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