аренда Range Rover Vogue L à Menton - France


  • 24 часа / 250 km : Цена от 840 €
  • 3 дней / 750 km : Цена от 2310 €
  • неделя / 1750 km : Цена от 4760 €

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Прокат состояние

  • Страхование франшиза : 27000 €
  • Дополнительное страхование (за день): 90 €
  • Франчайзинг снижается страхование : 9000 €
  • дополнительная миля : 4 €
  • Минимальный возраст: 25 ans

The Menton area has been inhabited since the paleolithic era, and is the site of the original "Grimaldi Man" find of early modern humans, as well as remains of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. In Roman times, the Via Julia Augusta, a road connecting Placentia (now Piacenza) with Arelates (now Arles) passed through Menton, running along the Rue Longue in the old town. The first major settlement occurred during the 11th century CE, when the Count of Ventimiglia constructed the Château de Puypin (Podium Pinum) on the Pépin hill, north and west of the modern town center. During the 13th century, the seigneury of Puypin fell to the Vento family of Genoa who built a new castle along the Roman road, now the site of the Vieux-Château cemetery, providing the core around which the current town grew. Menton was thus incorporated into the Republic of Genoa. The first mention of Menton dates from 21 July 1262, in the peace treaty between Charles of Anjou and Genoa. Its position on the border between the Angevin-ruled Provence and the Republic of Genoa, which at the time claimed Monaco as its western limit, made it a coveted location. météo Menton

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Двигатель и коробка передач

  • Мощность : 339 cv Cv
  • термопара : 770 Nm
  • объем двигателя : 4367 cm3
  • Передача : automatic


  • Максимальная скорость : 218 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 6,9 s

Цена и Разное

  • Цена : 150000 euros
  • Цвет салона : white
  • цвет кузова: dark grey
  • Количество мест: 5
  • строитель : http://www.landrover.com/

ЗВОНИТЕ США AT : +336 20 33 78 75 КОНТАКТЫ об этом автомобиле

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