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Cap d'Ail is the toponym given to a small cap1 coast of the French Riviera situated in the town of Cap d'Ail west of Monaco. In the 1880s, the development of the railway and the installation of the station on its PLM sea causes its gain plots. At the same time, a network of channels of communication is established between the station and the road to the lower ledge. Its urbanization is due to the initiative of a financial bold Baron Pauville who decided to launch in 1880, a large real estate transaction on an area of ??26 hectares. Between 1892 and 1897, he built the Eden remains for several decades the hotel's flagship station. The rest of the estate is marketed by real estate companies. Ease of access to all the sewer, his dairy, idyllic place and its eclectic architecture villas seduce many personalities: the Tsarevich, Prince of Wales, the Lumière brothers, Greta Garbo and Cocteau. In 1996, the inventory of cultural heritage on its territory identifies a concentration of buildings known resort of rare quality.

rent BMW-Serie-5

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The F10 has, for the European market at least, a choice of 7 engines: ...
367ch Cv - Automatic gearbox

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BMW introduced an all-new, second generation of the Hardtop/Hatch Mini...
170ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mini-Cooper-Cabriolet-Aut

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BMW introduced an all-new, second generation of the Hardtop/Hatch Mini...
115ch Cv - Automatic gearbox